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A successful team is a group of many hands, but one mind.

Bachir Bassatne


Hypco's vision is to become the most credible and preferred source of energy for its community. We aim to be the most trusted choice for our shareholders by ensuring the growth of their investment. In addition, we want to inspire future generations by being a source of knowledge and know-how that young men and women would strive to be a part of. Hypco will provide the generations with a solid base and exceptional experience with unique career development opportunities.

Hypco will do whatever it takes to reach out to its customers by being innovative and proactive in providing the best quality services our community deserves. Every decision and every action will be taken with complete devotion, integrity and pride. We will transform the concept of a gas station into a customer oriented service station. Hypco will always provide the needed support for prosperity and development of its community. We are a local oil company but we operate by international standards. Our word is a promise, as we talk the talk and walk the walk.

Service-Oriented Interactions: Hypco aims to turn the normal gas station module into a service-oriented destination, seeking to provide customers with a wide range of high quality products and services. Our behavior will be handled with the utmost integrity and honesty, in order to achieve our most important goal: Gaining Customer trust. Social and Environmental Responsibility: Hypco pledges to make the preservation of the environment a top priority, by maintaining the highest international standards in all its dealings. Servicing the community is our main objective, adhering to safety regulations and supporting community development. Employee Development and Teamwork: Hypco understands that employees are any company's greatest asset and thus will always strive to support the continued development of their skills, competence, and satisfaction. Hypco will provide its employees with wide-reaching career goals and opportunities. Furthermore, Hypco employees will fully support each other as colleagues, managing the company's interests with ambition and dedication.

Hydrocarbon Products Company, "Hypco S.A.L", was established in 1965 and has been growing ever since, evolving from a simple company to a more specialized form of oil distribution. Our years of experience have always helped us rise up successfully within an ever-changing market. We remain a dynamic, privately owned, independent local oil distribution company that views change as an opportunity, not simply a challenge. Redefining business opportunities is how we remain engaged in the business of commerce.

Today, Hypco is one of the leading oil distributors in the Lebanese market and has a network of service stations geographically spread throughout the country. A majority of Hypco's stations are open 24 hours a day, offering a variety of quality and friendly services to the customers. With many more Hypco stations opening soon, we believe that consistency, credibility and innovation are the tools for success in this business. Our network expansion plan will comprehensively cover the Lebanese territory, confirming a long lasting and productive relationship with our corporate and individual clients.

Major changes and reforms are sweeping the market both locally and regionally. The local oil industry demands a major economic recovery that requires both experience and capital in order to upgrade the distribution networks, so that they meet international standards. This creates a real opportunity for local and regional experienced professionals who know the market best, to confirm their leading and vital roles in the sector.

Recently, Hypco revamped its image with the goal of modernizing its brand identity. The aim was to transform Hypco from a commodity-focused company to a service-oriented brand that always exceeds customer expectations. Our new identity encapsulates the values of quality service, excellence, honesty, and credibility, establishing Hypco as a prominent local oil company and placing it at the heart of our daily life. By implementing our goals and ideals, we will preserve our faithful customers, engage prospective clients and dealers, and ensure higher levels of growth.

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